日本アニメーション学会 第13期会長(第4代)

横浜国立大学 教授









The fourth President (2020-)

Akiko Sugawa-Shimada, PhD.

Professor in Cultural Studies, Audience/Fan Studies of Yokohama National University


Welcome to the Japan Society for Animation Studies!
–Toward the 25th Anniversary of the Japan Society for Animation Studies

I am pleased to continue for another term as President of the Japan Society of Animation Studies (JSAS). As I enter my second term, I am feeling some pressure, but I will endeavor to try my hardest in this position, and I look forward to your continued support.

In 2023, JSAS will celebrate its 25th anniversary. As the first academic research organization for animation studies in Japan, for the last quarter century, JSAS has been a place where animation researchers from Japan and abroad can gather and exchange their ideas. Building on the work of our predecessors, at this milestone, we would like to take the next steps in opening up this academic forum to the world.

During JSAS’s 12th term, we were able to achieve a certain level of success in our goals of “taking the initiative to develop international animation research activities” and “streamlining our management through digitalization.” And we intend to continue these efforts in the 13th term. In addition, we will promote “the creation and activities of study groups and branch activities” to increase opportunities for academic presentations and continue to actively publish papers in The Japanese Journal of Animation Studies. Although, from the beginning of 2020, the maintenance and expansion of our peer networks were somewhat jeopardized by the Corona pandemic, we are determined to continue our efforts to operate the annual conference uninterrupted, taking advantage of the hybridized online and in-person meetings.

Animation research is conducted across various interdisciplinary fields, and members have diverse backgrounds in their specialized subjects and professions. Indeed, those who are interested in research related to animation from many areas gather together at JSAS and have lively discussions to push animation research in fresh directions. We look forward to your participation in working with us as we continue to develop exciting new approaches to animation research.


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